See a huge difference in your retirement

By buying just one income property today you will see a huge difference in your retirement. The simplest way to add to your retirement today is to buy a single investment property. In 25 years, the property will be fully paid off, giving you the choice of either adding its rental income to supplement your retirement or selling it and capitalizing on its increased value.

As an example, let’s say you buy a duplex today in the GTA within a one-hour drive of Toronto for $550,000 CAD. With rents for main level and basement apartments at a conservative $3,000 plus utilities, conservative average yearly appreciation of 3%, and a yearly rent increase rate of 1.8%, the numbers will look like this:

1$566,500 $3,000
2$583,495 $3,054
3$601,000 $3,109
4$619,030 $3,165
5$637,601 $3,222
6$656,729 $3,280
7$676,431 $3,339
8$696,724 $3,399
9$717,625 $3,460
10$739,154 $3,523
11$761,329 $3,586
12$784,168 $3,650
13$807,694 $3,716
14$831,924 $3,783
15$856,882 $3,851
16$882,589 $3,920
17$909,066 $3,991
18$936,338 $4,063
19$964,428 $4,136
20$993,361 $4,210
21$1,023,162 $4,286
22$1,053,857 4,363
23$1,085,473 $4,442
24$1,118,037 $4,522
25$1,151,578 $4,603

It is of my belief that this may be the simplest investment strategy ever created! It looks quite enticing to be able to have a choice of pocketing $3,500 or so of rental income after expenses to live comfortably off of just one property or to sell the asset entirely and travel the world off of its increased value.

If you are skeptical that the property would not appreciate so much, ask your realtor how much your current home was worth 25 years ago!

You can even go further from the GTA and find markets where the prices are lower with good economic fundamentals and growth potential, and then find a property management team to look after it. Here how the results in 25 years will be for properties which are now priced at $250K, $350K and $450K for comparison:

  • $250,000
  • $350,000
  • $450,000
  • 1,600
  • 2,000
  • 2,500
  • $523,444
  • $732,822
  • $942,200
  • YEAR 25 RENT
  • $2,499
  • $3,124
  • $3,905

With this in mind, you can see that you can make it a goal of buying just four homes at $250K and enjoy $8,000 of supplementary income in 25 years. Buying at 20% down payment, you will only need $200,000 (plus closing costs) to invest today.

I trust the insights gained form this article about “How buying just one income property today can make a huge difference in your retirement” has your interest levels at an all time high.

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